5 Times these kids proved that they are really funny

Life can be complicated, especially when you’re trying to learn a bunch of things in school.  So many subjects to pay attention to and so little attention to do it with!  Luckily for these kids, they didn’t panic and they kept it together and went with a really simple approach.  Just following simple routine 😀…

5 Best Hindi Whatsapp Emoji Funny Messages

आजकल whatsapp पर बातें में ज्यादातर emoji का use किया जाता है । हम आपके लिए कुछ मस्त मस्त emoji जोक्स लेकर आये है. अगर पसंद आये तो share  और like जरूर करना…👍 Dude:                 Paid                     Full  …

Kamine dost funny Hindi Joke

A broken lover’s emotional status on Facebook: ” I want her Back…!” Friend’s Comment: ” एकदम सही भाई, सामने से बिलकुल सपाट थी वो “😘🙈😂  

Funny Images Jokes on Garmi – Summer

Funny Garmi(Summer) Pics. Share pics on whatsapp with your friend, they will surely like these pics. Isn’t this good idea in summer? Garmi se bachane ka Funny Idea – गरमी से बचने का मस्त तरीका – मस्त तश्वीरे   Funny Images Jokes on Garmi – Summer                    …

5 Best Hindi Chutkule – Funny Hindi Jokes

Here are 10 best jokes to share with your friends and family. Funny Hindi Chutkula on Saas Bahu – सास बहु हिंदी मजाकिया चुटकुला                                Funny Hindi Chutkule Joke on Boss – बॉस कर्मचारी मजाकिया चुटकुला               …

Whatsapp funny adult pic for group admin

Love pulling leg of your whatsapp admin, send this pic in your group. Your admin will love it 😀             Keywords: Funny Whatsapp admin pic, Funny whatsapp admin adult pic, funny pic of whatsapp admin group, funny whatsapp hindi pic group admin  

best funny whatsapp joke

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funny pics for facebook comment

Tags: Funny Facebook Comment Images Pictures Free downloads. Funny Comment Pictures so Funny Comments Images Funny Picture For Facebook Funny Pictures Download Funny pictures for facebook status. Get free Funny Comment Pics latest collection .        

Funny Whatsapp Joke on call duration

? Different types of call duration summaries : —————-,,,,,,,, ? boy to ? boy ! ?00:00:59? ——————— ? boy to ? mom !! ? 00:00:50 ? ———————- ? boy to ? dad ! ?00:00:30 ? ———————— ? boy to ? girl ! ? 01:23:59 ? ———————– ? girl to ? girl ! ? 05:29:59 ?…

Whatsapp – Height of smiley messages

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Next gen whatsapp poem Picture

    Next Gen LKG Poem.. Funny Whatsapp Poem. Chatting Chatting?? Yes Papa. Girlfriend Setting?? No Papa. Telling Lies ?? No Papa. Open your Whatsapp!! Hahahaha….  

IT jokes

Share funny IT jokes on WhatsApp  and Facebook with your friends..